5 Email Response Templates Every Realtor Needs

September 25, 2019
Categories: Productivity, Mail Forms, Email Templates

Realtors spend a significant portion of their day on the go. Time with clients is their most valuable commodity. And managing their time is a critical success factor. When they pause to answer customer email enquiries, they need to work quickly. Composing well-crafted responses to emails is a time-consuming task. And in their haste, agents are more interested in hammering out emails than spending time fiddling with grammar or spelling.  

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Mail Forms Enables Front-Line Workers to Quickly and Professionally Respond to Customer Queries

July 19, 2019
Categories: New Product Release, Productivity, Mail Forms

Odds are, many of your day-to-day tasks are variations on something you've done hundreds of times before. In customer facing organizations this means responding to a variety of similar customer inquiries, typically via email.

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