Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App Enhanced and Secured by Messageware

Messageware OWA Suite 2010 provides pervasive OWA security, contact and calendar printing, access to SharePoint and public folder contacts, spell check, dashboards and more.

November 16, 2009, Toronto, Canada – Messageware, the world's leading provider of enterprise productivity, security and customization solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web App (OWA), today announced the release of the Messageware OWA Suite 2010 for Exchange 2010. Messageware OWA Suite improves the OWA user experience while adding critical security enhancements that protect corporate and client information and keeps security in the hands of Exchange Administrators and the IT department.

“Analysts and users have been very impressed by the many new features built into Outlook Web App,” said Mark Rotman, President & CEO of Messageware. “The Messageware OWA Suite for Exchange 2010 enhances OWA security and functionality to create a complete solution that many large enterprises and government organizations are seriously considering as their primary email client, replacing Outlook on the desktop.”

Messageware has improved upon and added to the new features in Outlook Web App to create an application that is far more robust than any to date. Messageware OWA Suite 2010 extends the value of Exchange 2010 by enabling companies to use Outlook Web App more securely, improve the user experience and save time.

The cost-effective OWA Suite consists of six award-winning security and productivity applications that seamlessly integrate with Exchange 2010 -- ActiveSend, AttachView, NavGuard, OWA Print, Plus Pack, and TimeGuard. With ActiveSend, OWA Print and Plus Pack, the user experience is improved by making Outlook Web Access more like the Outlook client, so emails and documents can be composed, sent and printed easily. AttachView, NavGuard, and TimeGuard secure vulnerabilities in OWA that can expose entire email accounts or confidential documents to unauthorized users.

  • AttachView – Secures OWA email attachments and documents, adding over 400 file types to WebReady Document Viewing. Exchange Administrators can customize security settings on a granular level, controlling the user’s ability to view, open, print and save documents. Additional viewing features, such as Track Changes revisions in Word documents and faster attachment viewing, make it easier for users to work with documents from any location.
  • Plus Pack – Making OWA look and operate more like desktop Outlook improves user productivity and enhances the user's experience. Includes intuitive addressing, ability to create and manage recipient favorites, access to SharePoint and public folder contact lists, advanced spell check, roaming personal dictionaries, OWA Today dashboards and more.
  • NavGuard – Provides critical security beyond ISA Server and Forms Based Authentication (FBA) to lock down and secure active OWA sessions. NavGuard’s user-friendly alert requires users to either logoff before continuing to other web pages, or return to the active OWA session.
  • TimeGuard – Provides a user-friendly prompt shortly before the user reaches the session inactivity limit, giving them the option to either extend the session or logout. TimeGuard also protects rogue sessions by providing a maximum timeout option which requires users to re-authenticate after a predefined maximum session time. TimeGuard extends the security provided by ISA and FBA to offer total protection for OWA users.
  • OWA Print – Intelligent OWA print engine generates high-quality print outs in multiple layouts providing users with copies of emails, calendars and appointments, contacts and telephone directories.
  • ActiveSend – Enables Outlook Web App to be the default email solution. It integrates OWA 2010 with Microsoft Office and desktop applications, allowing users to quickly and easily email files from within applications.

Messageware plans to release additional enhancements and solutions for Outlook Web App in 2010. The Messageware OWA Suite for Exchange 2010 is priced per CPU based on an organization’s messaging environment. Small business pricing is available for enterprises with fewer than 75 mailboxes. For more information about Messageware’s solutions for Exchange 2007 visit

November 16, 2009 | Topics: OWA Suite

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